Top 5 PC Upcoming games in 2021

Top 5 PC Upcoming games in 2021

The PC is packed with a myriad of games, plenty of which are free to play. They are just as good as their
premium counterparts made up of titles and come in various genres, from turn-based and real-time
strategy games to shooters and team-oriented MOBAs. The year 2021 is shaping up to be a very exciting
year for fans of PC upcoming games.
Graphics are emerging, they are fast with very fluid movement, very lifelike, and the landscapes are
highly imaginative and stunningly beautiful. The major gaming companies have increased their time
invested in improving gameplay with a range of innovative ideas applied during the making of this
season’s new releases. Here is a list of the best upcoming games in 2021.

1:Watch Dogs: Legion

In 2021, a new installment to the Watch Dogs franchise is heading to the marketplace. A dictatorial
regime has taken over, and it’s up to Dedsec to free civilians from overcoming power. With that said,
Ubisoft has made some big changes to the video game. In the latest release, players will not follow a
single protagonist role, but instead, constantly switching through a cast of Dedsec recruits.

2:Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Bandai Namco has finally released the official launch trailer for the highly anticipated Dragon Ball Z:
Kakarot. The game is set to be released in mid-January. The launch trailer is packed with iconic DBZ
characters, epic action, to name a few, that will have fans of the franchise itching to get their hands on.

3:Fortnite: Chapter 2

The trailer of Fornite: Chapter 2 is out. Epic Games released a new update for this free-to-play battle
royal. Titled v11.40, players will be introduced to plenty of new features, including clickable L3 R3
buttons for mobile devices, side grading, and a few other notable features. However, the main bulk of the
update is focused on the bug fixes, which there are plenty of.


4:Mortal Kombat 11, The Joker

Enthusiast of the game (or the Joker) should anticipate seeing gameplay reveal showcasing the character
in action, a special brutalizing move, and an epic finisher to end it off. The latest entry in the series is
set to have some awesome bloody violent combos, a crazy entertaining story, and a slew of online

5:Zombie Army 4: Dead War

This game is on the horizon, and to delight fans even further, it is all about killing the undead Nazis. The
game is a four-player co-op title that takes you into World War 1, however this time around, things have
been changed a bit. Nazi zombies are now roaming the battlefield, and it is up to you to take down these
creatures and restore humanity. There are new features such as new weapons and enemies making this
game better than expected, and fans will be in for a chaotic treat.


These are just some of the upcoming games of 2021 that you can play; however, there are a lot of games
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