The Most Exciting PS4 Games set to be released in 2021

The PlayStation 4 has received a lot of critical acclaim since it was launched owing to its excellent performance when playing AAA titles. As of now, there is talk about the launch of next-generation consoles, but there are still several new titles that gamers are looking forward to this year on the PS4. The delay of the much-anticipated game, The Last of Us 2, has foreshadowed the release of other awesome games, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t titles that are guaranteed to impress you.

There is a lot to be excited about the PS4 this year. It is also important to note that some of these titles are not exclusive to only the PS4 login subscribers, meaning they may feature on other consoles as well. Below is a list of the top titles that are guaranteed to be the biggest games this year.

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The Last of Us 2

The Last of Us is a project from the Naughty Dog developers and is a narrative-based game that revolves around one man that is supposed to deliver a young girl halfway through the country safely. Sony Interactive Entertainment publishes the Last of Us, and its setting is in a post-apocalyptic world. The human population is severely threatened by the presence of creatures that resemble zombies that are slowly wiping out the existing population. As you progress through the game, it becomes clearer why you would be risking everything to save the young girl. This title is very popular among players, and its next sequel is set to be released this year.

It begins from the conclusion of the events of the first title after several years where gamers actively take up the role of Ellie. For him, the threat is more pronounced from interactions with humans than that from infected creatures. The evens of Part 2 unfold after a cult kills off Ellie’s lover. In a fit of rage, Ellie vows to wipe out the entire faction by himself, even with the odds stacked up against him. There is also a survival game set within the title itself primarily programmed in the third person.

A lot of effort has been put in by Naughty Dog to ensure the realistic movement of the characters within the game. Creatures and infected foes have distinct abilities that are geared towards making the experience a lot more interesting. For instance, there is one that can release a poisonous gas that also serves as a smokescreen. Survival is, however, not very easy as there is a myriad of challenges strategically set throughout the title.

Dying Light 2

Dying Light is set to release a sequel in 2021 with players taking up the role of an exclusively new character Aiden Caldwell. Aiden is highly skilled in parkour and has a whole lot of ground to explore as well as deal with several groups of people within it. The setting is in an urban environment and is quite possibly the last remaining human sanctuary protecting humans from the vicious zombies that have taken over the country. The biggest development in Dying Light 2 is that now, it aims to avail of several choices and options to choose from. These choices have consequences and are directly related to the groups of people within the city and their specific motives.

The fact that now the focus is much more pronounced on the consequences of these choices you make, most gamers will want to go back and revisit the game. Making certain choices could potentially lock off some areas within the city, therefore, making that storyline come to an end as well as some of the documented quests within that base. It demands that you rely heavily on your combat and parkour capabilities as well as quick, critical thinking for you to power through this harsh, unforgiving world.

Marvel’s Avengers

Eidos Montreal is collaborating with Crystal Dynamics to develop a new Marvel-themed title, Marvel’s Avengers. This video game is set to launch later this year on an undetermine date and succeeds the Marvel’s Spider-Man title. Players get to take on the role of the Earth’s most powerful superheroes in an action-adventure combat theme playstyle. It will feature some of the top Marvel Universe characters and will follow a unique storyline. Marvel’s Avengers will be set during A-Day, which is the day the Avengers establish their new headquarters in San Francisco.

It is set to be launched in May this year. As the story unveils, a devastating occurrence leaves the entire city decimate, and this causes the Avengers to be listed as outlaws. Consequently, they disband and part ways. However, years later, a new catastrophe drives the city into relying on the same heroes they outlawed to help them survive through this peril. Crystal Dynamics seeks to ensure that now, the players get to experience the superhero power in their hands. You pick one character of the four Avengers to play through. These four include Captain America, Thor, Hulk, and Iron Man.

These games on the PS4 will be quite exciting for players to play through, promising an incredible experience for all with enhanced PlayStation support. Some of the launch dates are, however, yet to be announce as the developers work to ensure that there are no glitches in these titles.