The Best of the Far Cry Gaming Series

The Best of the Far Cry Gaming Series

Far Cry?ranks among the most popular first-person shooter games of all time, owing to its enduring and in-game survival tactics that go along way into distinguishing the series from all its competitive games. Since its initial release in 2004, the game has been evolving where players are dropped in the world?s most exotic locations.

Here, they must overcome all the trials and challenges that come with these environments to survive. The game?s open-world environments are exhilarating, with tremendous attention to detail, especially in the latest?Far Cry?titles.

This approach helps make the experience as realistic as possible for the gamer. The game is well-optimized such that two players playing the same game have different stories to tell about their gameplay experience. A few gaming titles have come close to what?Far Cry?has accomplished in terms of gaming mechanics.

In light of its latest release,?Far Cry: New Dawn, this is the best time to envision and take a trip down memory lane to review some of the best titles from this exciting series. This article tries to help you decide which game from the series you need to play first and if already a?Far Cry?fan, you might want to replay some of these titles to feel the thrill once more.

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Far Cry

This is the original and first-ever?Far Cry?game that set the pace for the entire series. Much like Crysis from the Crytek developers, this game was a demanding tittle that pushed PCs to their graphical limits. The environment here showed a vast forest and jungle cover that gave you a variety of vehicles that you could choose to drive at your pleasure as you navigate the woods.

The trademark fast-paced shooting and combat action popular with all?Far Cry?was the best thing about this game at the time. This game revolutionized the path for all first-person shooter games, took going ahead and set the stage for the next batch of releases from the action series. The original?Far Cry?game had a bevy of unique elements that allowed players to take and complete the missions through whichever methods they preferred and at their convenience.

Players here have the option to silently put down their enemies without being detected or ambush them with all guns blazing. The game?s developers ensured that the enemy?s artificial intelligence was complicated since it adapted to the way the players attacked, making the combat mechanics far more exciting and unpredictable. This?Far Cry?game was among the best titles you could have played in 2004.

Far Cry 5

Almost all the previous installations from the?Far Cry?series were set in exotic environments except this fifth title from the set, primarily in the Western part of the United States. This domestic setting has provisions from most of the previous series with a charismatic villain who takes center stage. The player here has a lot of vicious enemies in an extensive open-world environment.

There is a lot of unpredictability form the nature of the wildlife and the highly dynamic combat mechanics.?Far Cry?5 is a groundbreaking title, much like the third and fourth installations from the series, and is quite easily the most versatile installment from the series. There is a lot of playable content with a considerable map size that lets you enjoy everything that the game can offer. It is the installation that comes after the release of?Far Cry: New Dawn, and if you play the new title, you most definitely want to play this game again.

Far Cry: New Dawn?

The New Dawn version of this series was a sequel based on the ending from?Far Cry?5. The game?s setting is in a post-apocalyptic world in Hope County, where your role is playing as ?The Captain.? The mission here is to help what is left of the Prosperity population form a defense to protect against the Highwaymen led by the evil maniacal Twins. Part of the reason this game is so popular is the variety of replayable outposts and mission expeditions that take the immersion to a whole new level.

Far Cry: New Dawn?consists of a vibrant, neon-colored environment with a wide range of regions for you to explore. The co-op gameplay is among the best things about this?Far Cry?entry with an exhilarating compact adventure, much like the previous installments from the series. For those that have played?Far Cry:5, you will enjoy a lot about what this game brings to the table. You can see what Hope County has become, and it is the climax to the story of Joseph Speed.