Smart Living with Virtual Assistant Apps

Smart Living with Virtual Assistant Apps

Virtual assistants have been in the market for quite a while, and this resulted in the leading voice command application for android traction. The introduction of Siri, the voice assistant from Apple in 2011, denoted the mainstream launch of personal assistants on mobile gadgets. A little while later, Google came up with Google Now, a voice command that has currently developed into the Artificial Intelligence loading Google Assistant.?

Though this may be the case, virtual assistants go beyond provisions at Apple or Google. There are many recent launches on the scene, enabling clients the option to attempt various voice assistants. Here, a few of the best options available to customers as far as virtual assistants go are discussed.

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Amazon Alexa

Among the most commonly known virtual assistants creating buzz currently is Amazon Alexa. It is a smart assistant that can quickly comprehend your commands. Amazon Alexa is found in a considerable number of Amazon goods such as the Echo home speakers along with a lot of Amazon Fire tablets. Taking into consideration the reputation of the commodity, Amazon has also offered the voice assistant as a downloadable provision on the Google Play Store hence relieving it of the exclusive right with products from Amazon.?

The HTC U11 was among the first handsets to promote the application. However, consequently, additional handsets have been included in the lineup. Regarding the features, you can quickly access the necessary data, pull up information on your connected Alexa home gadgets, and so much more. Consumers would utilize this application to control Alexa gadgets in the entire house, which makes it all the more special. It is a free download and requires no investment to utilize. In case there are no Alexa goods at home, you could employ this as a smart virtual assistant for your phone. It has been downloaded almost 10 million times with positive reviews from the users.


In 2014, Microsoft introduced Cortana into the personal assistant?s world. The first to utilize this assistant will be Windows Phone 8.1. The Artificial Intelligence assistant had almost identical abilities, just like all the other virtual assistants, and performed well on Apple and Android gadgets. From the 31st of January 2020, Microsoft removed Cortana from the stores and withdrew its direct availability through the headsets. However, you can activate the app by syncing it with To-Do apps from Microsoft.


It is one of the top brilliant virtual assistants that can perform fundamental tasks such as playing music, regulating the temperature of a given room, opening doors, and so on. Jarvis currently is associated with an Android Wear application, letting you provide active voice commands from your wrist. Just by using your voice, it can make calls, set reminders, write messages, and so forth. It can also carry out a few system tasks, including turning on Bluetooth, flash, Wi-Fi, and more.


Lyra is among the third-party virtual assistants and is a bit similar to Jarvis though it has all the necessary addition of translation. In case you are in a foreign state, one of the main features that could help you is its ability to interpret words in 80 languages. The top voice command android applications can take notes, set your reminders, and so much more. Lyra can check the weather outside or even tell you a joke upon request. It performs well with gadgets running an upwards of Android 4.0.3, including a broad range of tablets and smartphones.??

Google Assistant

The app is undoubtedly among the most extensive and smartest used virtual assistants in android smartphones. Initially, it was introduced exclusively on Pixel gadgets but presently accessible for all android customers. It includes a considerable number of features like pull up reminders for the next event, play YouTube videos, take selfies, and search for your needed information.


Samsung joined the world of virtual assistants and came up with its own back in 2017. Bixby is available on Samsung gadgets. Although new, Bixby still exceeds the average and would search outcomes from the internet for you, mirror every mobile content on your Samsung Smart TV, and download apps from Google Play. It would be even better if Samsung would launch Bixby on other platforms though this remains unknown.

In the foreseeable future for virtual assistants based on Artificial Intelligence, the enhanced cognitive-computing tech can understand tasks that require multiple steps as well as carry out complex operations effectively. It would be best to learn the optimum utilization of these virtual assistants.