Top 15 Best Android Games in 2019

Top 15 Best Android Games in 2019

The year 2019 has been alright considering the release of some of the iconic and favorite games. The game year marked with the return of a franchise while others saw the entry into the mobile space. A lot of good things and some disappointment took to the audience. Regardless of it, with every new game, there is a boost in graphics and quality, and at times a whole new game comes to life. Below are some of the best Android games of this year.

  1. PUBG Mobile

Pubg Mobile

The new PUBG Mobile was released some months ago and this had players hooked to it instantly. There were nice upgrades to character, graphics, and different types of battles you can engage in as a single player or in groups. A slew of new vehicles were introduced where you can chase your enemy on land, air, and water. The existing vehicles were given a facelift too. The PMCO2019 was an event that fans and gamers loved a lot.

This game is produced by Tencent Games and available for download from the iOS and Play Store. The size of the .apk at least 2 GB only. You will be able to make the most of it with a group, as is their history.

  1. Call of Duty Mobile

Call of duty

A fan favorite and praised by everyone was a title that people had been waiting for a very long time. The recent addition to the franchise that started nearly a decade ago was much welcome. The COD Mobile was praised to be the best mobile FPS game of 2019. With the Battle Royale mode where you can fight with 100-players and Multiplayer Mode with 5v5 teams, the execution was praised by all as one of the best Android games so far.

All the iconic characters and classic maps from desktop were ported to the mobile as well, and everyone loved it. Activision really found the right amount of everything with their new entry into the franchise.

  1. Vectronom


A somewhat possible to miss game was announced in October of 2019 by Ludopium. Both Steam and Nintendo was chosen to release this game by ARTE France. Vectronom has you move a colorful cube step by step to beat across all levels of hazardous terrain. It can fly and do stuff as electronic music is playing to your ears in the background. It is a sort of Crypt of the Necrodancer. You can find the Switch and Steam launch trailers on YouTUbe.

It is meant for casual gaming and is not a cup of tea for action lovers or FPS nerds. It is great for kids.

  1. Gears POP

Games pic

A fresh take on Clash Royale by Microsoft lead to a game called Gears. This is a funky spinoff of the famous Gears of War released on Android in August of this year. It is designed to be played quite similar to Clash Royale. You have to work your way out with an assortment of troops, take down the enemy’s army, their base and turrets and more. It is a free-to-play real-time multiplayer game and offers a lot of fun.

Though Gears POP is a free game, the in-app purchases can range up to $100 per item. There are multiple currencies available too. With explosive PVP battles and Mix n Match abilities, this ensures complete engagement.

  1. Stardew Valley

Game pic

A quite popular game got a huge update this month. The update was available for Nintendo, Windows PC, Mac, and Linux too. It is released as Stardew valley 1.4. It will soon reach the Switch and mobile versions as well. The additions that make it a great fun are stuff like divorced spouses will no longer attend your next wedding, and they can no longer treat them normally in festivals either. You can forage seaweed from tide pool beaches. The characters now have 21 hairstyle options, 181 new shirts, 35 new hats and more.

And, two new monsters were also added to the game. So, you can have a blast and enjoy till the cab comes to your location.

  1. Tropico


The new fun adventure game where you can play a dictator and rule with an iron fist, Tropico, was released for Android this year too. It is a construction management SIM and this title is available on the Play Store. Just to mention a mobile port of Tropico 3 has been on App Store since 2018. Much like SImCity, it works well with touch controls on the mobile version, but it is still a demanding game for a mobile device. It is best played on a larger screen using a connection by mirroring your mobile display.

Sadly, there is no controller support, so all you have to do is interact with the touchscreen. Being from Feral Interactive, it is priced at $11.99, a little more expensive than its Steam Version.

  1. Shadowgun Legends

Games Pic

Madfinger Games finally turned out to be a game long in development and this is their latest addition to the series. If you have never played this title, it revolves around a group of mercenaries that go around hunting aliens called the ?The Torment?. It looks and feels very much like Gears of War. This is a third-person shooter and is mostly available during the quest logs and loading screens. It has no cut scenes or anything. Only time will tell if it?s one of the best Android games.

Cosmetically, it has the demand for a strong graphic though. It is not too jarring on an iPhone X. It uses Fame as a ranking for becoming a Legend in Shadowgun. The missions are linear and play out in simple fashion.

  1. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite


Harry Potter is a franchise that has been revamped and re-launched for more than a decade. The beloved movie and novel icon Harry Potter can now be played on iPhone and Android, made available on the respective app stores. There is a lot of fun here from spells, energy casting, potions, master notes, and professions to carry. The graphics look amazing and pleasant. If you have already played Pokemon Go, there is a lot of familiarity in controls and the way you interact with the game.

You need to earn spell energy to capture things and can only get it with in-app purchases when depleted. You can hit the Masterful level here. You can do all sorts of fun activities. There are hundreds of Harry Potter games out there, so look specifically for ?Wizards Unite? to play this one.

  1. Mario Kart Tour


Where will be Mario’s next adventure? It looks like London. It is coming to Blighty. There is a new London-centric track plus matching gear like karts and gliders. The Mario Santa will be the Pipe till December 31. The previous tour was in Paris and they decided to release a holiday version of the game too. To play its upcoming multiplayer mode you have to buy the Mario Kart Tour’s 4.99 Euro subscription.

There is no news on how this beta testing will last though. For Gold Subscribers, there is more to be rewarded. This is an exclusive pass and should offer some bonuses. Even though it was released just in September, Mario Kart Tour has recorded 90 million downloads in its debut week.

  1. Apex Legends

Games pic

One of the best finished in Apex Legends to date was with this Mirage player which left their opponent bamboozled. Mirage is known for its tactics and amusing antics. This creative character is about holograms and going invisible. Apex Legends is titled as the next level of Battle Royale games. It is free to play the game and is available for Windows, Xbox, and PS4 since February of 2019. Published by EA, it is a nicely built action game.

The environment is mech-inspired and offers free, friendly and consistent fun for the gamer. It has been touted as one of the best gunplay in battle royal games offered this year. It is available for download for free on any of the three platforms mentioned above.

  1. The Elder Scrolls: Blades


Having remained a largely inspiring franchise with amazing soundtrack and cut scenes, this game has lots of movies on YouTUbe. In April of 2019, the Android port was released and one of the most anticipated games the Blade was announced. Bethesda, the creator behind this, promised to offer console-quality gaming on smartphones. It exhibited the game at E3 this year too. Among the medieval games of 2019, this is a nice welcome. It is similar to the Gods of War. The entire franchise has been developed based on the same style offering swords and stuff and offers one of the best Android games of 2019.

It offers a brand new first-person role-playing game. After the huge success of Skyrim, this new game was designed with new controls for the mobile version, optimized for landscape, and portrait mode too breaking the ubiquitous tone to it.

  1. Monolisk

game pic

A new dungeon crawler is available for gameplay and pre-registration since October of 2019. This was made officially available later the month as well. On October 15 it was globally available. It is a fantasy mobile ARPG. You get to build a dungeon and all. The trailer gives a good idea about what the game is all about. You dive into different dungeons; collecting cards, customize things and so on. There are 5 heroes you can choose from to play as.

It is a nice game for a good timepass. However, it is a bit artsy and a mobile-only game. It is free and developed by Trickster Arts. The dungeons are designed with various themes keeping it fresh as much as possible.

  1. Pokemon Masters


As gamers noted with the quick release that this was not polished and lacked the necessary optimizations for a mobile game. There was a lack of quality-of-life features. Pokemon Masters is a mobile-only RPG game. It is made by DeNA and The Pokemon Company. The gameplay is simple enough though, and very much like Nintendo’s Dragalia Lost. Players can battle as much as they want. Each sync pair has four abilities and comprises of a trainer and the Pok?mon. You control the pace and everything and completing story missions award you with jewels.

The game offers some good parts with nice graphic elements, sounds, and overall controls. But, still faces many glitches here and there. As with most RPG, this also offers you forever to do as you feel in the game.

  1. Stranger Things 3: The Game

This is something that has taken the source material quite seriously. The adaptation of the TV Series Stranger Things as a game has taken a note-to-note retelling of Season 3 of the series. It is a popular Netflix series and is influenced by retro and supernatural elements. It is based on Stephen King’s marvels on child endangerment from the 80s. It is selling for $19.99 and is a role-playing game. It is offered for PC, Xbox, PS4, and Switch. The Switch version is a cooperative brawler that revolves around Hawkins and Starcourt Mall. The standpoint works well with the brawler-style gameplay.

As a second player joins, the co-op is also handled very well. Each player gets half the screen and you can even opt-out easily as the AI takes over. As the story progresses you get 12 characters to unlock and play.

  1. Second Galaxy

Set some three thousand years into the future, the Second Galaxy is where human civilization exists now. A total of five emerging regimes control everything. As a player, you can travel through deep space and get involved in building, combat, and form alliances; you can involve yourself in trading and more. There are over 4000 galaxies, lots of vehicles with customization.

It’s a dynamic trading system and the ability to form your colonies and take over others is pretty amazing. Over 150 classes of spaceships, 50,000 stars, and 1000+ tactical weapons at your arsenal it is an unlimited game. This makes ZLONGAME’s Second Galaxy the first game in mobile to offer millions of concurrent players, real-time engaging in same screen combat and a truly world’s first to achieve such a feat.