TCL smart tv-series is probably the TV that puts TCL on the World’s map back in 2018.

TCL smart tv-series

In the last year, the TCL launched the World’s first Mini-LED TV in the form of Flagship of 8 series, and the company got a huge success. Further, the technology has trickle-down effects; the TCL company moves to a more affordable TCL 6 series, Mini LED television. Mainly, TCL 6 series is the 4K HDR Quantum Dot Tv from TCL.

TCL launched the TCL 6 series model number R635 and went on sale on 11 August 2020. Additionally, TCL added up the new feature in their TCL 6 series termed Mini LED due to its smart looks and size. Similarly, many other latest additions are made to make it one of the most leading smart tv in the market.

Why should I choose TCL?

Most importantly, TCL is the World’s best 2nd largest Manufacturer of LED TV. The company was founded in 1981, and absorbed in 1985 as TCL abbreviated as Telecommunication Equipment Co. Ltd. It first started manufacturing consumer electronics during the 1980s for the Chinese Industry. Furthermore, after getting huge success in the Chinese market, it began to sell its products outside the 2000s.

Basically, in 2003, the TCL chairman Li Dongsheng started a joint venture with Thomson SA, who was from France to manufacture DVD players and televisions Worldwide. Furthermore, they agreed on sharing the 67% of shares to TCL and the remaining 33% to Thomson.

Most importantly, this joint venture ran on the agreement that TCL will market the products in Asia under the TCL brand. Mainly, it was agreed that TCL-Thomson would market the products in Europe and North America under the TCL brand. 

Notably, TCL won the Global Display Tech Innovation Award of the year in 2017 for TCL Quantum Dot TV see. Additionally, it is now one of the World’s Leading companies producing smart technology products that help its customers feel free and live smart. 

What exactly is a ROKU TV?

TCL new series

Basically, with traditional television, you have to use a separate streaming device to access the operating systems of your TV. 

Most importantly, TCL 6 series tv is a Roku Tv because the ROKU operating system is built-in. Further, Roku tv has this operating system build-in it. Additionally, no other device is needed to get this tremendous operating device provided by the Roku operating system. It is an extra positive benefit that you do not need to hook an additional tool to operate your television. 

Notably, the traditional Roku players need two remote to operate the TV. The one remote to power on and voice control and change the channels like that and the second remote to operate the Roku system. Efficiently, the latest Roku Operating system and normal systems are operated by a single remote.

 Mainly, you do not need a separate remote to work with your Roku as it simplifies it in one simple remote experience. 


ROKU TV works as a Smart TV

TCL new Series


Mainly, it’s a smart TV that means you will be able to connect with your internet connection to this television, and you will be able to find a lot of free and premium streaming channels. 

What can you access through the Roku operating system? 

Furthermore, just go through the content on display. There are many free applications and a lot of free content with recommendations. 

Consequently, there are a lot of free apps as well as premium. For example, Netflix is the paid service every month that contains a lot of video content, but YouTube, you can get millions of free videos content for free. Similarly, Amazon prime is also available, and it works if you have the Amazon prime account. Further, the app lists go on and on. 

Additionally, Roku is offering the television service through many applications like YouTube TV, Disney Now, NBC, and many more. 

Furthermore, you can add input, like if you have Antenna TV or VCR, DVD Player, Gaming system, you can add all of these inputs to the ROKU TV operating system. So, you can access all of those options as well

TCL with the latest TCL 6 series is The Best Budget TV

TCL 6 Series is an affordable, full-featured, Smart Tv that fulfills all requirements that an expansive Smart TV can do. Moreover, TCL 6 Series is a most admirable series due to its amazing features. It is available in three sizes. Choose the one that adjusts according to your budget and desire. 


  • 55-inches 6 series
  • 65-inches 6 series
  • 75-inches 6 series


TCL 6 series is designed by using Super Technologies

TCL new Series


1- QLED- Quantum Dot Technology 

Importantly, the TCL 6 series is designed by using Quantum Dot Technology. Most importantly, with this technology, the colors become more realistic and produce performance closer to the human eye. Additionally, you will experience the realistic wide colors with apparent contrasts.

What does Quantum Dot Technology mean?

Basically, Quantum dots are tiny crystals, also known as Nanocrystals. They are white and small to see, but these have special powers. Notably, when the light is shown on them, they become luminous and create a precise color depending on their size. 

Furthermore, the dots’ size can be finely tuned, so they give you whatever color light you want. 

What are the effects of Quantum Dot Technology on Smart Tv?

In fact, in the regular LCD TV, lights are shown from blue Led coated into yellow Phosphorus to create white light. This light has red, blue, and green color filters, these are called sub-pixels. Furthermore, because red, blue, and green can be the next to create color, these use to glow from that white light to create distinctive colors to lack up the TV picture. 1

Quantum Dots LCD TVs:

LCD TV that used Quantum Dot Technology as instead of the white light, they used plain blue Led which as well shining through to those subpixels and also eliminated the bunch of the quantum dots that have been tuned to give us the red, blue and green light. 

Consequently, the red, blue, and green colors produced in a quantum dot set are pure; they can shine through those filters with less wasted light than the TVs used white light. 

2- Contrast Control Zones with Mini-LED Backlight technology

Notably, TCL 6 Series added up the latest Contrast Control Zone technology; it optimizes the brightness and dark contrasts. Especially, It creates a captivating contrast, as it does not carry the high brightness potential as well as the darkness that can affect your eyes.

Generally, there are two sorts of technologies used in LEDs. One is micro led, and the other is Mini led technology. 

Unique backlight technology

Most importantly, TCL introduced its Mini Led technology in 2019 by adding in TCL 8 series. Notably, after the massive success of the TCL 8 series in the market, the company added up the Backlight technology in the TCL 6 series.

Importantly, TCL 6 series moves forward to Mini led technology. It’s used as a backlight solution. Mini LEDs contain a smaller size than the general LEDs, which is around 0.2mm or less. 

Further, the TCL 6 series contains more than 25000 mini LEDs and fussing them into a glass panel, and that means more clarity, better contrast, better uniformity, and better luminescent. Because of this, the screen gives a better light dimming option. That’s why you can see better dark and light contrasts. 

Technically, through mini LEDs technology, you will experience about 240 full arrays local zone that is an exemplary configuration in the current market. 


3- THX Certified Gaming Mode

Tcl New serires

Efficiently, TCL becomes the World’s first company to launch the television that keeps THX Certified game mode to bring a home entertainment experience to its customers. 

Notably, through THX Certified Gaming mode, the TCL 6 series consumers will be carried into the World of the game with high visuals that can be enjoyed on big screens. 

Most importantly, THX is the global leader in delivering premium entertainment experiences in the cinema, at home, and on smartphones. 

Further, THX believes that consumers should have access to high fertility audio and the video to enjoy the viewing experience. Furthermore, the THX Certified Gaming mode develops certification programs and technologies to optimize the entire entertainment experience. 

Especially since today, there are hundreds of products that are THX certified. 


About THX

TCL New series

THX Certified mode was founded in 1983, by a filmmaker named George Lucas. Further, it becomes THX. LTD company that provides the premier entertainment experience. Furthermore, THX started it from cinema and entertainment. 

Thus, after 35 years of success, the THX Certified mode moves to expand its certificates to electronics and live media. 

Additionally, THX continued its work to refine or upgrade the environment by adding new technologies to provide its consumers with more accurate and superior audio and video visuals. 

What does THX Certified mode do? 

Basically, THX certification represents the assurance of the quality at both audio and video for consumer electronics, movie theaters, and also for live entertainment. 

Mainly, the THX Certified products marks ensure the viewing and the listening experience has been evaluated using the industry standards and priorities testing methodology. 

Most importantly, THX certification provides four specific testing programs specializing in these products performance:

  • Audio
  • Video
  • Professional
  • Lifestyle

Audio certification programs guarantee a high visual fidelity that drives the emotional depth, texture. THX engineers analyze output levels, frequency response, signal to noise ratio, distortion, and bass management to create high impact cinema sound and best auto fertility. 

Additionally, TCL 6 series keeps the THX Certified that results in a more realistic listening experience that draws even to the movies, music, or game to bring entertainment to life. 

While video certification is about representing the art of film making and promises the user’s intentions for colors, tune and imager accurately portrait on the screen. 

Consequently, THX Certified products blend technology and the dynamics of real World’s listening and viewing environments to ensure the product delivers modest, accurate vision. 

Benefits of THX Certified Mode



Most importantly, TCL 6 series is also the best TV for Game players. Mainly, it allows game lovers to play their games in a broader screen. Especially, with the edition of THX Certified mode, the game users can get massive benefits, including :


  • Colour
  • Speed
  • Input Lag
  • Real-time
  • Clarity
  • Smart


  • Colour: Importantly, THX Certified mode automatically adjusts the picture setting accordingly to game colors. Likewise, if any game carries high brightness, THX Certified mode adjusts it and produces vibrant colors. 
  • Speed: THX Certified mode TVs require an auto-refresh rate of 120 Hz. Consequently, it provides a smoother without a blur problem. 
  • Input Lag: Specifically, Input Lag ensures the player to switch off any avoidable video processing. 
  • Rise time: In TCL 6 series, the THX Certified mode enables the high speed to change the display to dim to bright light according to the game moves. 
  • Clarity: THX Certified mode includes the Backlight scanning that can improve the view of moving objects. 
  • Smart: TCL 6 series and all other series that contain the THX Certified mode can automatically switch to THX mode with congruent PCs. 


4- Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos 

Dolby Vision

DOLBY VISION is the other name of Digital Entertainment!

Notably, the DOLBY vision is the new generation imaging technology that focuses on increasing contrast, brightness, and colors. 

Moreover, the DOLBY introduces us with a better experience with better pixels, with enhanced color technologies. And display the images that are close to what you see in the Real World with your own eyes. 

Most importantly, it carries the Dolby vision, which helps to create more brightness and contrasts. Most importantly, the DOLBY Vision gets the first rank in picture quality ranking. 


The DOLBY vision represents the videos in the following resolution. 

  • 12-bit video
  • REC 2020 color gamut
  • 4000 nits peak brightness




Notably, as sounds move around you in three dimensions of space, it brings the on-screen action alive and submerges you in every moment. Moreover, it captures the full extent of nature’s theory. It will transform your viewing experience. 


Additionally, TCL 6 series brings 12-bit color panel TV that ensures to view 68 billion colors. It brings the most superior contrast with brighter and more vibrant colors. 

5- 4K Picture Resolution

Importantly, the TCL series is the best TV for today’s value of the money in the market. As it’s getting the massive upgrade that would probably keep it at the top.


Most importantly, TCL 6 series comes with 4K HDR. While 4K HDR brings a High dynamic range video. 4K HDR is the new visual technology. Mostly, HDR, let’s the TV display a more vivid life light image. 4K HDR depends on the concepts listed below. 

  • Luminance
  • Dynamic range
  • Color space
  • Bit depth

Luminance is the measure of how much light something emits. In HDR video, the things like reflections, headlights in the darks, and whatever is, looks stunning bright. The dynamic range is the difference between black and white color the screen can produce. 

6- AiPQ Engine

AiPQ Engine works as a smart performance control. Most importantly, this technology was first introduced in 2018, and it is honored for TCL to add this high technology in its TVs in 2019. Further, TCL is working on expanding the capabilities out of the algorithm running. Additionally, it adds up the functionality to improve the presentation by allowing an app through a smartphone. 

Consequently, it enhances the performance to control colors and contrast for stunning clarity. 

Mainly AiPQ Engine technology used in TCL 6 series works to optimize colors, clarity, and contrast to get a stunning 4K HDR performance. 

AiPQ Engine carries the following three core quality algorithms.

  • The Smart HDR
  • Smart 4K upscaling
  • Smart contrast

Specifically, the Smart HDR is used to enhance the vibrant colors. In contrast, the 4K upscaling for superior and sharp clarity. And bright contrast creates spectacular depth. 

High- Performance Mini-LED TV

LCD panel

1- Mini- LED Backlight Display

Up to 240 Contrast Control Zones, 

2- Quantum Dots

The physical appearance of Quantum Dots:

The Quantum dots can be arranged on the narrow tubes right on the front of the LEDs or as the additional coverage on the entire screen itself. 

Indeed, due to this, the TCL company claims they make TCL 6 series, the most better and colorful picture, and more beautiful to a lookout. 

TCL Smart TV

3- LCD Panel

Most importantly, TCL 6 series carries Quantum Dot enhancement in its upgraded TCL 6 series 2020. Further, this feature enhanced the quality performance of Led by providing vivid pictures and striking contrast. 

Other features

  • HDR Mini Led 

TCL 6 series holds 1440p 120HDR. Basically, HDR stands for high dynamic range, and HDR is the latest technology that does not increase the resolution but still makes your resolution look better.

  • Wide Color Gamut (WCG)


Specifically, Wide Color Gamut works as a driving force to qualify the super thorough, vivid image. Consequently, to display the life colors like to present blue being bluer and yellow being yellow and so on. Furthermore, it results in an extraordinary look in this range of TVs. 

  • Gaming 

TCL 6 series is doing a tremendous job of gaming. There is also a DOLBY Vision HDR that also takes the game vision to the next level. 

  • Weight

TCL 6 series is super heavy, due to its premium material which gives its chamfered edge-like brush metal look. Additionally, the frame leading down with the classic power button at the bottom of the right corner. 

  • Design 


TCL 6 series is combined by 4K HDR and QLED technology, which makes you have experience with a stunning metal design.

On the back, you will find all the inputs. It offers three HDMI ports, one composite input, one after calling an audio port, a USB 2.0 port, and an Ethernet port. And there is also a headphone jack and one cable input. 

  • Roku Mobile App and Roku voice search

tcl 6 series

It holds an enhanced remote that allows you to get control on TV by voice control. Additionally, this Roku Remote control provides you all the commands regarding the general setting, voice control, and other display settings. It also handles all Roku features through Roku Voice Search mic. 

Mainly, Roku remote control of this TCL 6 series is a simple remote with power and voice controls buttons placed on the side that lets you high or low the volume immediately.

  • Integrated cable management 

TCL 6 series comes with invertible feet. You can adjust them as you need to. If you got a less space stand to put on the TV, then nothing to worry. 

Additionally, there is also cable adjusting space inside the back foot of the LED. Just open the adjustable cover and fit the cable wire in it.

  • Networking 

Networking supports Wifi and Ethernet that supports:

  • Natural Motion 480
  • Cast from Netflix and YouTube
  • Works with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Roku Voice
  • With program guide and live TV pause (with optional USB drive)
  • FullView, Gun Metal, Integrated Cable Management
  • Streaming channels 

TCL 6 series experiences you with thousands of streaming channels. You can especially add the channel you want through voice control or your smartphone’s Roku App.

  • Robust control in your hands


TCL 6 series allows you to alter your smartphone into a Roku remote control. Additionally, remote control adds up the voice control ability to browse and add up your desired channels. Mainly, you can even enjoy private listening through headphone connectivity with your smartphone. 

  • Amazon Alexa and Hey Google

The Roku tv works with Amazon Alexa and Hey Google assistants. Both of them are used to speech recognition to carry out a command. Although Alexa is on a listening device that only acts upon when you call it. 

  • Sound 

Basically, TCL used several ways to boost the audio. 

  • Dual speaker 8W down Sided speaker system to enhance audio.
  • High-quality surround sound
  • Dialogue enhancement
  • TCL 6 series focuses on the top and low tune of the music rather than the bass.

      TCL 5 series 2019 review

      TCL New R635

      Basically, TCL 5 series is the entry-level model that keeps the price way down for its consumers. Most importantly, it’s also a Roku Tv. 


      • Clarity
        • DOLBY VISION
        • 4-K HDR

        Most importantly, due to the contrast control zone, TCL 6 series is able to provide 4-K TV. Notably, 

        • Colour
        • QLED
          • WIDE
          • Audio and Design
          • FULL VIEW
          • DOLBY VISION
          • Gaming
          • AUTO GAME MODE

          TCL 5 Series 2020 review

          Basically, TCL 5 series 2019 was one step behind the TCL 6 series according to its price and quality. But, TCL company didn’t leave it behind by adding up new latest technologies. Notably, TCL 5 series especially added up two significant features.

          • Quantum Dot Display
          • QLED and four array backlighting

          Importantly, TCL 5 series surpassed the older and won many awards some years ago. Further, TCL 5 series 2020 series is a Roku TV, including the addition of QLED TV with Contrast Control Zones. 

          Moreover, TCL added the new technology at the top of the line with Mini LED on the glass. 

          But the TCL 5 series is still missing the LED Backlight feature. Additionally, TCL 5 series 2020 is a Roku TV with Roku software. But, its remote does not have voice control. Further, the voice search feature is still there in the smartphone Roku app. 

          Mainly, TCL 5 series 2020 is available in four sizes. Importantly, TCL 5 series is an in-budget TV value in the whole market. It’s available in size listed below 

          • 50 inch
          • 55 inch
          • 65 inch
          • 75 inch

          TCL 6 series vs. Vizio M series quantum

          Probably, both the TCL 6 series and Vizio M series contain almost the same features. But there are the following points which make them different. 

          • Importantly, both TCL 6 series and Vizio M series feature the dimming zones for better contrast ratio. Additionally, the TCL  6 series carries 100 dimming zones panel along with heights brightness of 1000 nits for HDR. Meanwhile, the Vizio M series holds, but the Vizio M series has 16 dimming zone panels with a high intensity of 350 nits for HDR.
          • Further, the TCL 6 series carries the Quantum dot technology that displays more wide colors and brighter contrasts to give it real-life feel.
          • TCL 6 series makes its display with high clarity, with its right impact of HDR, and its image quality is on the peak compared to the other same value TVs.
          • The TCL 6 series holds a low latency mode that provides automatic control on vision while playing the game.
          • The TCL 6 series carries the appreciation of the best high-end TV set for the value of money.