PS5 (2024) | All You Need to Know about the Release Date, Price, and Specs

Sony PS5 – All You Need to Know about the Release Date, Price, and Specs

After the much-anticipated launch of the next-in-line Sony PlayStation, Jim Ryan, Chairperson Sony Interactive Entertainment made a formal statement on? PlayStation blog. Sony stated that PlayStation 5 would be the next-gen console. It will be available by Holiday 2022. The CEO also unveiled a few facts on the PS5, including its release date and a new controller for the console.

Regarding alterations to the controller, Sony is set to update the existing rumble technology with haptic feedback technology and adaptive triggers. With new technology, gamers will experience a broader range of vibrations. The company has also leaked other distinguishable features between the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. In previous interviews when initiating Marvel’s Spider-Man PS5 displayed improved loading period and spectacular speed.

The statement was released at a time when Sony failed to show up for the E3 annual convention. E3 is marked as a significantly popular gaming conference in the United States. Microsoft, Sony’s chief gaming console competitor, announced details about the next-gen Xbox console which is dubbed Project Scarlett.

PlayStation 5 Release Date

Since the release date is scheduled for Holiday 2022, the launch could be any day between October and December 2020. A source suggests that the launch date could be on November 20, 2022; however, it is subject to confirmation. The date falls in the stipulated period and gives room for orders by Christmas. Going by these dates, Sony PlayStation 5 will be in direct competition with the new Xbox console from Microsoft as it is scheduled to be released around the same time.

Sony PS5
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During an interview with Wired, the main architect of PS5, Mark Cerny mentioned that the console would be in the market after April 2020. Sony has now made a public announcement scheduling the release by the end of 2020. Another source suggests that the PS5 would be released on February 12, 2020, during an event named PlayStation Meeting 2020. With all the assumptions, only time will tell which prediction is right.

Price of the PlayStation 5

Sony has not formally released any information regarding how much it would cost to have a PS5. However, there have been unconfirmed reports on the issue. According to one?source, the new-gen console could go for $499 in North America once it is launched. Hideki Yasuda, an analyst at the Ace Research Institute, notes that if PS5 went for $499, it would $100 higher than the release price of PS4 and PS4 Pro.

The price for the new console is expected to match its technology, but Sony would have to take into consideration its direct competitors. Microsoft made at the error when releasing its previous generation where they quoted an extremely high market price for Xbox One. Sony will be on the lookout to ensure they quote just the right price.

4K Blu-ray Drive on PS5

Sony PlayStation 5 will contain a 4K Blue-ray player that is incorporated in the disc drive. Originally, Cerny had stated that the PlayStation 5 would have an optical disc drive. Later in his statement with Wired, he confirmed that the addition of a 4K Blu-ray player. A feature is a convenient option for users as they no longer need to purchase a separate 4K Blu-ray player that is in limited supply due to the shift in demand for TV streaming services.

The PS5 is a significant improvement from its predecessor as PlayStation 4 lacked the feature. At the moment, watching a film is better on Xbox One X and S since they have the 4K disc drives. Microsoft took the win when it came to home cinemas. Good news, though, with the launch of PS5, Xbox now faces a worthy competitor.

Games Available on PS5

There are a few confirmed games on PlayStation 5 which include Godfall, Watch Dog Legion, Rainbow Six Quarantine as well as Gods and Monsters. Some of the titles like Watch Dogs Legion, Rainbow Six Quarantine, along with Gods and Monsters were confirmed at the Ubisoft’s E3 in 2019.

Other games that are yet to be confirmed include Cyberpunk 2077, Battlefield 6, Death Stranding, Gran Turismo, Ghost of Tsushima, God of War 2, Control, Starfield, Horizon Zero Dawn 2, The Elder Scrolls 6, and Grand Theft Auto 6.

With all the Sony PlayStation series that have been released, PS5 is bound to take the market by storm. PS5 will also be backward compatible with PS4, which is good news as you can game online without necessarily upgrading. All factors considered PS5 purports to be an excellent next-gen console.